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Innovation and Research

SBE has core values based on knowledge-sharing which is backed by years of research and development. We encourage learning through experimentation, and aim to bring you key industry knowledge packaged into easy to understand tutorials and workshops.

Exposed Brickwork
Colored Concrete


Colored Concrete

Exposed Concrete, having been a dominating material in the last decade in the contemporary architecture, has paved way for it's improvised forms through experimentation. Integrally Pigmented Concrete is one such innovation that can prove to be a potential material of this era where ‘Rustic’ is the new norm.


Contemporary Exposed Brickwork 

Bricks being one of the most extensively used traditional material are also able to produce charming contemporary finishes, mostly by experimenting with a creative way of brick laying and arrangement.

Air Conditioning


Construction Basics

To question the obsolete construction details still prevailing in the industry from foundation to the finishing stages of small - scale projects, we conduct discussions/tutorials for budding Architects making them aware of better details and simulating a rational thought process is the agenda.

Geothermal Technology

In our journey of experimentation with energy efficient buildings, we feel that a comprehensive understanding of air conditioning is of utmost importance. Reducing air conditioning load is one aspect that we usually talk about, but there is more to it. Understanding air conditioning, its components & functioning and treating it architecturally can lead to much reduced power consumption


Air Conditioning Explained for Architects


Geothermal & Hybrid Systems

Earth Air Tunnels have been in the industry since quiet some time. Conventionally the largest drawback is that E.A.T. (Earth Air Tunnel) cannot be clubbed with Air Conditioning since re-circulating cold air through the earth increases the air conditioning load. We have been experimenting with hybrid systems where we use the potential of Geothermal energy via E.A.T. to reduce the air conditioning load.

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