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The theme of this South-Indian food kiosk has been derived from the South-Indian culture and tradition to which the region holds tight. The left wall is inscribed with Kolam, “South Indian rangoli style” a symbol of auspiciousness and divinity, in white colour on a black matte finish background having a metal grid frame with hanging bells fixed in the front. Lotus motifs, used as a symbol of the art, printed on antique brass plates that are intended to change their color tone with time are used as the main front backsplash. The bevelled mirror gives grandeur look, aesthetically pleasing as its slant catches and reflects the light which acts as a prism. Contemporary ceiling having rectangular light panels are used with warm lights that produce warmth. Using all the traditional elements in their true form helps in stimulating amongst the users a trust towards the authentic food preparation techniques being practised by the particular South-Indian food chain.


Food Kiosk


VR Punjab, Mohali

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