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(The Brick House)

The project is a rendezvous between the modern identity of a house and a traditional sense of home. The multi-functional interior spaces provide room for transformation over time as per the user on a daily basis, letting one sink into a personalized feeling of home. The envelop that surrounds this home is individualistic in its character and contextual its response with the use of 3 types of Jali patterns. Ochre-colored concrete planes complement the traditional red brickwork, imparting an impactful identity to the façade. The vibrance of the brick façade is ensured by using red mortar rather than grey mortar. The blending of these elements infuses an intresting and enjoyable vibe to users dwelling in a series of diverse, yet harmonized space.


Ms. Seema Gera


Amravati Enclave, Panchkula (Haryana)


420 Sq M

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