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A team of designers & building engineers...

... working ceaselessly on bringing practical architectural solutions through art & innovation intertwined with rationality and having strong foundations in building engineering

The Studio was founded in 2015 and is currently headed by the young duo Siddharth Mahim Bansal and Swati Kumawat, graduates of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Having received their training at an interdisciplinary Swiss architecture firm at Zurich, they have always focused on amalgamation of building engineering with art through a rational design process.

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Conferred with the Institute Medal, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee during his graduation, Siddharth is awarded at several platforms including the Festival of Architecture & Interior Design. He is known for his innovations in materials like coloured concrete and experiments with various passive building heating/ cooling technologies. He was trained under Ar. Manmohan Khanna and has worked closely with renowned architect, Karan Grover as well as Schiess ITI a leading practice in Switzerland.



An IIT Roorkee graduate, Swati ventured into various competitions bagging awards for her innovative concepts in interiors and furniture design. She has worked closely on the interior design of high-end projects with reputed builders like Total Environment, Bangalore and Della Group, Mumbai. As a furniture designer, she holds vast experience of serving overseas clients from US, Ireland & Switzerland. Her experience ranges from working on office, residential and hospitality sector. 

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