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Accounts Office

Effective space utilization and dynamism in user-space-interaction form the key principles behind the interior design of Accounts Office at the University Head Office. The challenge to deal with limited space transforms into a design opportunity leading to a comprehensive study of geometry of “index files” and evolution of unique rotatory file storage and Y-shaped workstation design. Not only does this highly efficient storage covers lesser footprint but also offers its users an interesting operating pattern to retrieve files which takes away the tiresome essence of typical office space. To enhance this dynamism a dynamic sculpture acting as a file-storage-cart assembly is conceptualized in the centre to in-house daily reference files; interaction through which acts as a stress-buster for the users through-out their mundane routines. Y-shaped workstation clusters accommodate circular sectors for storing the ready-reference files. Supervisor cabins guard the entrance and cordon off the inside open office space for the visitors. Visually light partitions in the foreground keep the space visually connected and accentuate its expanse whereas the use of rustic-finished elements such as corrugated sheets and exposed ceiling bring in a workaholic character in the space.


Chitkara University




1000 sq. ft.

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